How to write a biography?

The focus of the initiative for setting a Stolperstein is the search for the biography of a victim of persecution. The dates of birth and death, the stages of the persecution or escape and the last voluntarily chosen place of residence of a person persecuted under the National Socialist regime are essential. This is intended to allow for active commemoration: Citizens research the fates of persecuted individuals and thus actively contribute to commemoration. The purpose of the research is not only to obtain the necessary data. The research should go beyond the bare essentials, and while dealing with the individual case, it should also evoke awareness of the unique life of this one person. You can start out on your own doorstep. Try to initiate a conversation in the neighbourhood. Approach former and current residents, local associations, religious communities, political parties, schools, training institutions, colleges and universities. Seek contact with local historians and interview contemporary witnesses or their descendants. Make enquiries about:

You are responsible for the results of your research and the handling of personal data. Therefore, make sure that your source references are complete, check the data researched by others and reference this work if necessary. You must also make sure that you only publish sources and original documents for which you have obtained authorisation from the respective archives or the relatives.

One possible approach could be:

For more information on local Stolperstein initiatives as well as archives and memorial sites check out this website.